Toxic Bubbles

Toxic Bubbles 3.0

Burst the bubbles to rack up points


  • Addictive gameplay
  • Simple to play
  • High scores table


  • Poor graphics
  • No game options


If you were one of those kids who took pleasure in popping bubbles blown by other children then you're going to love Toxic Bubbles.

This simple, yet addictive puzzle game charges you with the task of clearing a grid of green toxic bubbles (hence the name). You start off with ten drops, which you can use to expand the bubbles until they explode. Simply click on a bubble and it will either expand, or pop if it has reached its maximum size. When a bubble bursts it fires out drops in every direction, meaning that any other bubbles in its way will be expanded or pops. You can build up new extra drops by creating combos.

Toxic Bubbles is mindless fun, and you can get through a few levels without really using your brain. However, there is an element of strategy involved as your progress, whereby you need to make judgments about which bubbles to click on, based on their size and position.

The overall presentation of Toxic Bubbles is pretty weak. In fact, the graphics look like they've been created using a combination of Microsoft Word and Windows Paint. There are no options to speak of, other than the ability to view the high scores table.

That said, Toxic Bubbles is incredibly addictive and just the sort of game to make those long journeys pass by more quickly.

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Toxic Bubbles


Toxic Bubbles 3.0

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